Dangri Desert Safari (DDS) Since 1985

Our Story

The grand, enchanting saga of “Dangri Dunes Safari” that is now globally popular had its humble beginning way back in the year 1985 by Mr. Khet Singh Bhati, who always said that he was son of the desert. He understood the desert like no other. He looked upon desert as if desert was a living persona with its myriad colourful moods, magic in its climate, its own distinct sounds as if the air itself whispering in our ears and so on and so forth. He was born in 1959 in Dangri village. Dangri village is surrounded by Dhoros on all sides, and is 55 km away from Jaisalmer. In fact, throughout his life Mr. Khet Singh breathed the desert. He would traverse its remotest corners on his camel. And camel would listen to his every whisper and every mood. And then he decided to share all this “Desert Romance” on the back of the camel to the people from across the world. And thus began “Camel Safari” which has attracted countless tourists from across the globe, merely by a word-of-mouth whispers made by their friends and associates. Mr. Khet Singh understood how to live without water & without light and enjoy such experience. He had the knack and romance to create a complete itinerary of Desert Safari from dawn through the night so that the tourists enjoy every single moment here at “Dangri Desert Camp”.



“Dangri Desert Camp” is a more than 3-decade long adventure. It began way back in the year 1985 when across “Jaisalmer”, whoever wanted “Camel Safari” would invariably turn to us. We were the ultimate word in “Camel Safari”, the reputation & goodwill that has kept thriving and strengthening throughout these more than 3 decades. It was in the year 1991 that we started “Mobile Camping” and with our “Innovations & Enthusiasm”, this also became an equal rage among the global tourists. Tourists in the desert were given a night stay in mobile camping along with Camel Safari with limited facilities so that they can align with the desert and nature and for some days can forget their modern compulsions.

It was a moment of tremendous recognition when the Hollywood blockbuster “Thief of Baghdad” way back in the year 1998 was shot right here on Dangri Dunes. That single movie sky-rocketed our popularity. From 1991 through 2001, tourists coming to Jaisalmer made it a point not to miss our “Camel Safari & Mobile Camping” and it has become a huge attraction.

“Innovations”, “Raising the Bar Consistently” have been our DNA and hence it was in the year 2001 that we also added “Swiss Camps”. In fact, the brain and Numero Uno behind this whole venture, Mr. Khet Singh Bhati is the first person in Jaisalmer to have started Camel Safari, Desert Safari, Mobile Camping and Swiss Camps.


Come, Experience, Go Home With Precious, Ever Lingering Memories That You Would Hold On To With All Your Love….Passion…..Affection.